Monday, 10 May 2010

Welcome to Tenuta Savorgnano

Having ascertained that we can legally call the business anything we want we've settled on Tenuta Savorgnano. A 'Tenuta' is simply a small farm or small-holding and 'Savorgnano' is the name of the adjacent hamlet. It's set in quite dramatic terrain - just google 'Savorgnano + Arezzo' on google maps then take a look at the satellite view. Our place is on a little worm of road that dangles from the extreme loop in the main road. I tried to paste the link in here but it was having none of it!

Time by car from airports and attractions:
  • Pisa airport (Ryanair or Jet2) - about 2hrs
  • Florence airport (Swiss/Air France/Lufthansa) - about 1hr
  • Perugia airport - about 1hr
  • Florence - 1hr
  • Arezzo - 20mins
  • Pisa - 2hrs
  • Lucca - 2hrs
  • Siena - 1hr
  • San Gimignano - 1hr 15mins
  • Anghiari - 10mins
  • Gubbio & Assisi - about 1hr
  • 'Chianti' - 45mins

Of course I'd recommend other less prominent places too - Montalcino & Pienza, although a bit further afield, are heartachingly beautiful.

The picture here is of the beautiful hill top town of Anghiari which, being a mere ten minutes away, is our local metropolis.

Website and booking details coming soon.

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