Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy mid-winter festival

I just couldn't bring myself to write "happy holidays" like they do in North America out of some strange 'culturally sensitive' notion that it avoids the elephant in the room which is Christmas. There I've said it! But let's be clear, Joseph, Mary & the baby Jesus, the shepherds, three wise men, lowing cattle and Seraphim stretches credulity a bit. It's as likely as say, Santa Claus. However, like anyone else enduring the geographical inconvenience of being in the Northern hemisphere, I welcome a bit of tinsel and few fairy lights to illuminate the long nights. From here on in the days will lengthen and lighten.

I keep hearing about the 'terrible' weather in the UK - we've had our share of snow too. We took ourselves off on a walk to Ponte alla Piera a few kilometres down the lane in forty centimetres of snow. Even the wintry days can be luminous as I hope the photos will attest.

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