Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cake for breakfast

Just for interest I thought I'd add a couple of pictures of the large house before it's conversion in 1993. Our living accommodation is actually made from the old animal pens. We wouldn't have been brave enough to take it on in such a state. It's amazing what you can make out of a pile of old stones. So far in the grounds we have found old keys, scythe blades, a hand blown demijohn, a sort of dolly tub that folks used to do the washing in, a lawn roller - but sadly no gold. What are fragments of mediaeval pottery worth?

We have a couple of Italian guests in at the moment. This morning we enquired if they'd like a herby mushroom bruschetta for a special Sunday breakfast. They replied, "That would be weird!" They prefer to stick to jam tarts it seems. We're going to have to get to grips with this and come up with some sort of internationally acceptable breakfast. We were once given cucumber for breakfast in Turkey. It was alright really!

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